Find Dependable Glass Merchants in Wellington

When your car’s glass or your home’s windows are damaged, you want repairs that will be effective and last for a long time. You know there are reliable Wellington glass merchants that can help you with the services you need, but perhaps you don’t know where to start looking for them.

Gopher’s Directory Can Help You Locate What You Need

Many people already know that the Gopher online business directory can help them find the services and companies that they are searching for. They know it is fast, reliable and gives only the most relevant results. They also know that it contains thousands of local businesses that can be accessed with a quick search, each of which features company profile.

What this means for you is that glass merchants in Wellington are easy to find when you use the directory. A large percentage of the small and mid-sized businesses in New Zealand operate as part of the directory, and many of their customers find them through it. So you should have no problem finding the services you need in your local area.

Making the Right Choice

You don’t want to leave your glass work up to just anybody, however. You require glass merchants in Wellington who are experienced and who can handle your particular needs.  You’ll find that many of the ones listed within the Gopher directory provide a wide range of services. They repair glass parts on automobiles, shops and houses, storage containers and much more.

But they also provide encasement services, in many instances. If you want to feature a decorative glass display or you want to safeguard yet showcase an item at the same time, the glass professionals near you can likely do it.

But you should take time to compare prices and services from the glass merchants in Wellington. You may want to disregard figures that are too high or too low. You don’t want to be overcharged or receive poor service. Often the companies with the average prices are the ones with best value.

But there are other ways to determine if the company you are considering will be suitable for your needs and if their work if of a high enough quality. You can examine their qualifications and ensure that they are trained and certified in their field. Then you can stake it a step further and look into online reviews for their company and talk to others who have had work done from them. You should talk to a few people and read several reviews to get a good consensus of what their work is like.

Taking these precautions can save you from disappointment later. You don’t want to end up with a poor quality windshield or a poorly-fitted window and not realize that is the kind of service you got until well after the job is done. By taking preemptive caution with the glass merchants in Wellington you can save yourself some money and some inconvenience.

Social Networking a Key Part of Gopher’s Success

Who ever thought that a business could use a social media site and make it a powerful and nearly free marketing tool? A few years ago the idea was insane. And who thought that an online directory business could have huge success in a place like Indonesia where credit cards were rare and Internet use was minimal? And yet Gopher made it work. Now looking at the Facebook page, it’s obvious that it’s a company working hard to stay at the top of its industry and making the most of the tools it has.

The Unlikely Venture

It’s an unlikely success story. It’s about two guys starting on a borrowed computer creating a company that represents millions of smaller companies in a way that brings success to all of them.

And just as it does now, the Facebook page played a big part in connecting people with no other means to really communicate with each other. It was the young entrepreneurs in Indonesia (where Gopher made its first international expansion) who were the most eager to take up Gopher offer of setting up an online directory listing. These were the people using social media, and they communicated their success to their friends, family and fellow business owners.

Social media played a big part in making sure word got out about the company’s expansion into the country. And it also provided some great advice for companies looking to grow. The Facebook page often contains helpful business strategies and marketing ideas that help businesses make smart decisions.

Working toward Future Goals

There have been a lot of advances made in Gopher’s company over the last few years. It grew 700% to 150 employees, and it continues to pursue new places to grow its business. But the founders always make sure to recognize the companies they have listed in their directory. These companies have used places like the Facebook page to make sure that other business owners know about what Gopher is doing for small businesses.

One of the key things the company stresses is that businesses need to make sure they are able to be found by their customers. If customers are not able to find a business, then they will just use the one they can find. Gopher works to end internet obscurity for many businesses by giving them the tools and resources to make sure they are easily found online.

But it’s up to the businesses to take advantage of those tools and make sure they offer their customers a reason to come back time and again.

The Facebook page is a good example of how to connect with and give back to customers. It offers helpful advice and monthly promotions, showing that the company cares about the success of others. That has been a big part of Gopher’s strategy- to promote the businesses within its directory rather than to engage in self-promotion. So far, this strategy has worked out great for them.

Finding a Good Levis Shop in Auckland

Buying a decent pair of jeans that you can wear for any occasion, are comfortable and will last for years isn’t an easy task, unless you choose one of the most famous jean names, Levis.

Now when you’re spending good money on a pair of jeans you want to know some things, because you’re going to have these jeans hanging in your wardrobe for years to come, so it’s best you find a good Levis shop.

Where to Start

The first place to start when sourcing a Levis shop is to ensure that the store you are looking at keeps only original Levis. There are so many replicas being sold on the market today and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. There are some signs that the pair you are looking at are real or not, but in most cases you only find out when they fall apart after a few uses, normally outside the return period of course.

Choose a Local Shop

While there are so many online stores selling this label these days, it’s better to choose Levis shop in your local area. Why? Well if the shop is located in your local area, you can physically go into the shop. See the jeans for yourself to ensure they are original and then try them on to ensure they are comfortable. Remember they’re going to be in your wardrobe for a long time and they never date, so you want the pair that suits you best and feels most comfortable.


Everyone knows that these jeans come at a price. But there are some Levis shops that are able to offer an affordable price on their jeans, because they are clever and any savings they get from the manufacturer, they pass down to their customers. This is the case at Steven Wadams Menswear in the heart of Papakura in Auckland.

Steven negotiates all his prices directly with the clothing manufacturers. He cuts out the middleman and any savings are automatically passed to his large customer base.

Variety of Styles

When Levis were first invented in 1873, there was only one style to choose from. Today there are over twenty fits to choose from, this includes the famous 501 fit, the straight leg fit, all the way to the current skinny jeans.

The Levis shop you choose should offer a wide selection of the brand so you can try them all on to find the fit that you are most comfortable with. Remember you will have these jeans for many years, so you want them to be comfortable so you can wear them to any occasion.

Steven Wadams Menswear – A Top Choice

For those looking for Levis in Auckland, Steven Wadams Menswear in Papakura is a top choice ( This privately owned shop offers a host of trusted brand names at affordable prices. Their personalized service ensures their customers keep coming back time and time again. Steven and his wife Denise run the store offering quality service.